Dream beach wedding: some tips for your special day

Do you want to make your special day truly unforgettable? Have you already thought about a dream wedding on the beach but don’t know how to do it? You are in the right place, in this article you will find some advice to better organize the most beautiful day of your life.

How to best organize a wedding on the beach?

A wedding by the sea, with the sound of the waves in the background, is certainly one of the most romantic ways to experience this extraordinary day. But how to do? We advise you to move in time, at least a year in advance, in order to plan everything better and avoid the stress of the usual bureaucracy.

The ceremony on the beach, being a civil ceremony that takes place outside the building in charge, requires permits from the municipality of the place where the ceremony is to be held. As already mentioned, it is always better to move well in advance.

What is the best period?

The best time to make your dream come true is certainly summer, when the weather is more favorable for organizing outdoor events, but late spring could also be ideal.

A detail to pay attention to if you have planned to get married by the sea in the summer is the time of the ceremony. It is advisable to avoid the hottest hours, when the sun beats down too strongly and to prefer the morning or evening hours, when the setting of the sun makes the atmosphere more romantic. Sunset would certainly be the most magical moment for such an important day.

If, on the other hand, you have thought of moving in the spring, one piece of advice we can give you is to have a plan B in case the weather is not on your side.

Another non-negligible factor is the period, better to prefer the months of June and September, when the beaches are less crowded.

Some tips for setting up

The most suitable setting for a beach wedding is the bohemian one, very simple and with neutral colors. Unmissable the floral arch under which you will exchange your promises and flowers that can withstand the heat.

Sardinia certainly offers truly suggestive locations for a civil ceremony. We will be happy to immortalize your day and give you some useful advice for living an unforgettable fairy tale.