Project Description

Costa Smeralda Wedding Photographer

Alfredo and his friends carried on its preparations in a residence at Villaggio Punta Est. Barbara, instead, together with her bridesmaids for their preparations chose the Residence Cala Paradiso

Take a look at their story

When I hear for the first time Elisabetta Merati – Wedding Planner – to ask me the availability for this Exclusive wedding Sardinia, I didn’t want to believe and it was so until I realized I had the great opportunity to shoot a wedding at Capo Coda Cavallo. Two venues with breathtaking views of the imposing rock face of Tavolara near Olbia

I knew about the beauty of the east coast of Sardinia because I had been there several years before on holiday but to be there for work on was even more exciting.

For Alfredo and Barbara, was a return to the place where it all began, where they met and where they decided to crown their love.

For the ceremony Alfredo waited his bride at the shrine in the summer church of Puntaldia, decked for this ceremony with flowers and white veils.

After the ceremony, along with the bride, the groom and the witnesses we boarded on boat from Puntaldia to take some photos in the open sea and then return to Capo Coda Cavallo for the receipt at the Punta Est restaurant.

I think that this time was for them one of the most entertaining of the day, a moment in which to enjoy a bit of love but also a chance to have some exclusive photography in Sardinia.

The bride and groom were greeted at the restaurant by many friends and their families for an open aperitif and dinner which was held on the terrace of the Punta Est.

I will remember this wedding as one of the most intense, with many moments to tell but with many satisfactions. Beautiful places, great people and a lot of fun.

Thanks again to you Elisabetta, Alfredo and Barbara.

Groom Venue: Villaggio Punta Est

Bride Venue: Residence Cala Paradiso

Ceremony Venue: Summer church of Puntaldia

Reception Venue: Ristorante Punta Est

Portrait Venue: Capo Coda Cavallo, Tavolara