Do you provide video service?2020-08-25T08:40:13+02:00

Yes, in our team there are also videographers. You can combine the photo service with the video service to have the best offer.

How do you edit your photos?2020-08-25T08:40:21+02:00

We provide some color adjustments with Adobe Photoshop to enhance the natural atmosphere… If there are any special requests (like skin retouching, for instance), they can be evaluated along with their extra cost.

How many photographs will you deliver?2020-08-25T08:40:53+02:00

With the Full Day package, we will send you a minimum of 500 photographs which are post-produced and delivered at full resolution, so you may print them independently.

How long will you stay with us?2020-08-25T08:41:03+02:00

We will stay with you from the getting ready until the first dance. Usually the Full Day Package provide at least eleven hours.

What are your prices?2020-08-25T08:41:15+02:00

You can find the standard quotes at the packages page or you can email us at info@sardiniaweddingphotographers.com for a detailed quote.

How can we reserve your services?2020-08-25T08:42:06+02:00

You can send us a request using the contact form. Then, to confirm the date we need a reservation quote of about the 30% of the total amount.

Do you provide albums?2020-08-25T08:42:16+02:00

We offer both the traditional album and the printed album. All our albums are made in Italy. You can read more on the INFO PAGE.

How do you deliver the photos?2020-08-25T08:42:46+02:00

We use an online service called Pixieset, where you can view, share and download the photos.

Do you take formal photos?2020-08-25T08:42:57+02:00

Yes, we take photos with your friends and families. We suggest to do a list for the group photos and send it to us before the wedding day.

Do you work only in Sardinia?2020-08-25T08:43:09+02:00

No we can shot destination weddings all over the world. Tell us more about your wedding day and we provide you a detailed quote

What is your photographic style?2020-08-25T08:43:19+02:00

We approach the wedding with a modern vision, telling the day in the most natural and spontaneous way possible, capturing the most exciting moments.
This allows the bride and groom to fully enjoy their wedding day.

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