Fabio and Renata are two cute guys who were married last year in an hot September day.

I remember that the wedding day I arrived very early at Renata’s home in Sanluri to take photos during her preparations and than around 11h we arrived at the church.

Fabio decided to waiting the bride at the altar in the intimate and little church of Santa Maria Acquas, located in the area of the Antiche terme di Sardara, where they decided to crown their love.

After the religious ceremony we moved to do some wedding portraits at the impressive Tomba dei Giganti di Sa Domu ‘e S’Orku in Siddi.

The wedding receipt was at the residence Villaggio turistico Luna Sorgente, where it was held also the party and the dances late into the evening.

This is their wedding!


Ceremony venue: Chiesa Santa Maria Acquas – Sardara

Reception venue: Villaggio turistico Luna Sorgente

Portrait venue: Tomba dei Giganti di Sa Domu ‘e S’Orku – Siddi


Cagliari Wedding Photography | Wedding Portraits

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